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Brain dead (status of body unknown)
Home Reality

Sceptre was a crew member of the Prophecy who was unknowingly trapped in a virtual reality simulation by Sarah and Jeremiah Peacecraft to test his loyalty.


Inside the virtual reality, Sceptre identified himself as having short, well-kept brown hair and deep golden eyes. He wore black formal dress when consulting with the Peacecrafts. After he went insane, his virtual reality avatar shifted into the appearance of his real-world self, who had long purple hair, blue eyes and wore a long black coat. His preferred weapon of choice was a Thompson SMG.


Sceptre was likely put into the virtual reality with the Peacecrafts as a test of his dedication to them, and by extension the Brotherhood of Steel. Once inside, Sceptre believed himself to have been stuck in the virtual reality for a thousand years, during which he served the Peacecraft family at Northwind Castle. In the virtual reality, he owned a motorbike which he used to travel between the Peacecraft's estate and his family's. Eventually, his sanity began to slip away as a result of being trapped inside the virtual reality for so long.

During his decent into madness, he came to Jeremiah, wishing to claim his reward for serving the Peacecraft family for all those years. Jeremiah gave him a beautiful woman, who Sceptre left the building with. However, he soon realized that the woman was a figment of his imagination, and returned to Northwind Castle to murder the Peacecrafts. He believed he had succeeded in doing so, until it was revealed that they too were an illusion created by the "real" Peacecrafts, who were outside the castle in a harrier jump-jet. He took a briefcase containing their family secrets, and tried to escape from the jet on his motorbike. Sarah used the jet's weapons systems to fire two homing missiles at the bike, destroying it. Sceptre's consciousness died screaming in the explosion.

When Sarah and her father exited the virtual reality to wake up on board the Prophecy, Sceptre's body remained in a stasis pod, unable to open it from the inside as his mind had been destroyed.