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The Savant
Formal Name
The Savant
A staff
The Order of Mata Nui
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The Savant was the codename given to a Turaga who worked for the Order of Mata Nui.


Hundreds of thousands of years ago, during the Matoran Civil War, The Savant was taking a stroll on Daxia when Toa Kakamu washed up on shore. The Turaga nursed him back to health, helped him come to terms with his new body, and taught him how to use his new elemental powers and weapon for the greater good. He became Kakamu's mentor during his time in the Order, but after he disappeared during a raid, presumed dead, Kakamu was filled with grief. This was one of the reasons Kakamu decided to quit the Order, and later made the decision to turn himself into a Makuta.

The real reason the Savant disappeared was because he fell into a plothole shortly before the raid and appeared in the future, when Blackout was being attacked by insignificant characters. Recognizing him as a Makuta, the Savant whacked his shin and gave him a good telling off. This annoyed Blackout so much, he used his disintegration power to turn the old man to dust. This is how he died.

During the Battle of Mordor, the Savant was plucked from history by the Orb of Summoning owned by Quolas. This time however, his Turaga body was a lot less worn, implying that he had been taken from the part of his life shortly after he had given up his Toa power, before he had even met Kakamu. He was drafted into the "fellowship" along with Kremika, Iron Man, Kranxx, The Guy Who Was Engulfed In Milk, and the Caged Addict. TPK slashed the Savant in half during the conflict, seemingly killing him again, but he managed to cling onto life long enough until the Orb returned him to his own time, where he was patched up by the very best Order agents specializing in biomechanics.


  • From 2008 to 2014, the Savant was known only as "OoMN Turaga".
  • The Savant was the second BZPB character Kon ever created, after Kakamu himself.