Sasuken (SMU)

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In the Shattered Mirror Universe, Sasuken is Ynot's second-in-command.


Sasuken participated in SMY's attack on Xia, and defeated Starscream, who had arrived to fight the Makuta invasion.

After the defeat of the Light Hunters, Sasuken asked Ynot if everything was in order, and Ynot informed him of his plans to take Daxia.

While on Daxia, Sasuken pretended to be SMY and fought Helryx (SMU).

After that battle was over, Sasuken pointed out how creepy Ynot's mind slaves were, and then was told that they needed to go to Destral, which had just been taken over by Trantoshen. Once there, he pointed out some obvious things and offered to track down SMT. He then joined Ynot in his siege of Destral.

After the battle was over, Ynot ordered Sasuken to help out in the cleanup by teleporting a Tahtorak off the island.

Much later, while SMY was happily ruling the MU, the normalverse Ynot arrived in the SMU, and SMY panicked and ordered Sasuken to get the Mata Nui robot up and running. However, it was Blackout in Darkmount who attacked first, and Ynot responded by supposedly offering an alliance, and then shooting Blackout in the face. Sasuken, along with Hokagetsu (SMU) and Asumaru (SMU) were ordered to steal Darkmount. However, they had no idea of just how paranoid Blackout is about people stealing his important stuff, and Sasuken was teleported to another universe by the ship's security systems.

Sasuken returned during the invasion through the Shattered Mirror II, and burnt down some villages.