Sasuken (OU)

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Formal Name
Sasuken Uchiha
Teridax (father)
Sonic Repulse shield,
Laser Lance
Whoever Ynot or Blade tells him
Home Reality

Sasuken Uchiha is the son of Teridax, and Ynot's right hand in the Makuta Anima. He controls the Element of Electricity, and wears the Kanohi Jutlin, Mask of Corruption. Sasuken has demonstrated time and again that he is a very capable pilot, frequently flying anything he can get his grubby little hands on. Sasuken has problems with Ynot being leader, but is still loyal to him to the very end.

When Ynot is away, Sasuken is usually the one to take his place as leader, and resumes his role of right hand Makuta when he returns.

As of late, Sasuken has been stepping up, taking more risks, and stepping out of Ynot's shadow more and more. He even managed to build and name his own ship.

Holy CRAP! He took on Blackout, and held his own...He seems to want to kill The Architect as well.

And then he went out on a date with Blue and Shikhazra. Ynot crashed, as might be expected. Life happened for a while, then Ynot was kidnapped, and Sasuken led the charge for his rescue, he gained a Dying Will Flame in doing so.

Alternate Universes[edit]

  • In an alternate universe, Sasuken was forced by Malygos to act as a spy, and was killed when Malygos sliced his head off.
  • In another universe, in which Makuta are humans, Blackout's body was destroyed, save for his brain and upper spine, which was implanted into Sasuken, giving Blackout control of Sasuken's body.


  • Sasuken's name is based off the Naruto character Sasuke.