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Kitsune/werewolf hybrid with
traces of crow demon
A werewolf father (deceased),
A kitsune mother (deceased),
"Morrigan" (female ancestor)
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Sanya is a former student of K'theenya's. She currently runs The Place That Wasn't There Yesterday, a club frequented by members of the supernatural community.


Early Life[edit]

When she was a child, Sanya lived happily with her mother, a kitsune spellcaster, and her father, an alpha werewolf of a renowned pack. Sanya took after her father in interests, taking much better to weapons than to magic, which she considered boring.

When she was a teenager, her parents were murdered by her many-times grandmother on her father's side of the family: A crow demon who called herself Morrigan. Whether she was the mythological goddess of the same name or had simply adopted it as an alias is unknown, but she was still a powerful sorceress. Morrigan had taken up the practice of sucking the magical power out of a few chosen of her female descendants in order to bolster her own. Sanya was 'marked' as one of the candidates by a pair of crow wings manifesting on her back when she was 15. This led to an adventure with her mother's familiar, a fox named Reynard in which many allies were made and lessons were learned, none of which are particularly important right now.

Either way, Sanya fled her grandmother's reach until she was taken in under K'theenya's tutelage. While she was under K'theenya's care, Sanya was well out of Morrigan's reach, for the ferretfox easily outpowered the crow demon.

K'theenya taught Sanya much of the magic she had stubbornly refused to learn from her mother, and she learned to regret missing the opportunity. They formed perhaps the tightest bond K'theenya did with any of her students and still regard each other highly. Still, rather than having the courage to confront Sanya's grandmother, K'theenya hid. She built a realm and, in the spirit of entrepreneurship, made it into a bar named The Place That Wasn't There Yesterday due to the fact that its entrances manifest wherever people need it.


In her only appearance in the main BZPB RPG, Sanya was taking a stroll in the streets of Paris when she was suddenly jumped by Blue, who was on a date with Sasuken. Sanya was very surprised that someone would willingly ask out a "disaster area" like Blue, and walked over to meet the mystery man. Upon seeing Shikhazra next to them, Sanya assumed that the angel was there to ask where K'theenya was, so she told Shikhazra that she didn't know. Shikhazra reassured Sanya that they were only there to have fun. Sasuken introduced himself to Sanya and used his powers to dissipate a storm, which she thought was overly flashy. She told the group that she had an appointment to go to, but that she'll see some of them later, and handed Sasuken a business card for The Place That Wasn't There Yesterday. She then walked into a shop and disappeared.

BZPB: Future[edit]

Over 100,000 years later, Sanya was still in charge of the The Place That Wasn't There Yesterday. She had long since attained the status of a kyuubi no kitsune; meaning her fur had grown more golden in color, her formerly navy markings were now ivory, and when untransformed her eyes and wings appeared to be made of flame. Of course constantly being on fire wasn't exactly practical so her eyes were usually still a soft green. Anyway, the club had gotten even more popular over the years, meaning that Sanya had found increased difficulty in making sure that none of her customers left without paying. The most notorious offender of this was Blue, who had shapeshifted into a reptilian form. Once she had located Blue, Sanya left the club to grab her, but when she returned she overheard a claim that Yun and Zax were going to leave without paying. Sanya threatened them with forcing them to fight Blue, but Zax pulled a gun on her and backed out of the door with his sister, causing them to fall through interdimensional space and land on a far-flung planet.

Abilities & Powers[edit]

  • Fire Magic - Sanya is an intermediate-level user of fire magic. She can cast fire and manipulate it with varying degrees of accuracy.
  • Hammerspace - Sanya can access her own personal pocket dimension which she uses to store important items.
  • Flight - She can fly with her wings. Not much more to be said here.
  • Shapeshifting - Sanya has limited powers of shapeshifting which she sometimes uses to alter her appearance, such as causing her wings to appear or disappear depending on whether she needs them or not.

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