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Toa of Shadow,
formerly a Le-Matoran
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In the Dark Mirror Universe, Sanox was a Le-Matoran who was transformed into a Toa of Shadow by the Kanohi Kraahkan. He was a pawn in Teridax's plan to grant the Makuta control over the Matoran Universe.


As a Matoran, Sanox had always craved that the Toa would be put out of power, but was never audacious enough to join the resistance, much less speak out against an officer. He was weak-willed and cowardly, as evidenced by him choosing to flee into the Archives instead of help the resistance in their struggle at the Coliseum, and that he was unable to resist the pull of the Kanohi Kraahkan. When his inner darkness took over, Sanox was corrupted utterly, choosing to kill without reason just because it made him feel good.[1]


Sanox was a Le-Matoran who originally lived on the Tren Krom Peninsula, but later moved to Metru Nui. When the resistance against Tuyet struck at the Coliseum, Sanox took shelter in the Metru Nui Archives, but became lost in its many winding tunnels. He stumbled upon the exhibit containing the Kanohi Kraahkan and was drawn to the mask; so much so that he decided to shatter its casing and wear it himself. Upon donning the mask, Sanox was struck with a surge of dark energy and was transformed into a Toa of Shadow.[1]

Sanox's transformation was witnessed by Nuju, who had been dragged into the Archives by some manipulated plantlife during the battle outside. Sanox heard Nuju move and was immediately overwhelmed by a desire to kill him. He fired shadow energy at the Matoran while he ran, damaging hundreds of exhibits in the process.[1] Sanox eventually cornered Nuju[2] and killed him with a weapon someone else had discarded.[3]

Makuta Teridax was seemingly aware of Sanox's destiny to turn into a Shadow Toa. He told the other Makuta that Sanox's power would eventually be so great that even Mata Nui himself would be affected, causing a cataclysm that would allow them to rule the Matoran Universe.[3]

Abilities & Powers[edit]

  • Shadow Energy: Sanox could generate and fire blasts of shadow energy either through his hands or his Toa Tools.[1]
  • Shadow Manipulation: Sanox had complete control over all forms of darkness and shadow energy. He could form shadow energy into dangerous physical constructs such as Shadow Hands.[2]
  • Shadow Absorption: Sanox could absorb certain amounts of shadow into his body, which became stored for use in future elemental attacks.[4]
  • Shadow Nova Blast: If he had to, Sanox could release all of his elemental energy in the form of a Shadow Nova blast, which would have been an explosion of shadow energy large enough to devastate an area the size of a large city.[4]


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