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Sandra is Sanya's second-in-command at The Place That Wasn't There Yesterday. She is a tall and curvy werewolf with dark brown hair who trades in information.



Sandra's first appearance came when Blue gained access to The Place That Wasn't There Yesterday along with Sasuken and Shikhazra. Sandra was surprised to see Blue, because she thought that she had been banned, but decided to let her go due to the fact that she had not seemed to tamper with the spells protecting the club and had supposedly gotten her ban lifted. Sheba pleaded with Sandra to let her hang out with Blue; Sandra relented, but only on the condition that she is supervised by someone who she has personally cleared. When Stelladi volunteered, Sandra reluctantly agreed. She was about to walk away when she overheard that Blue was actually there on a date, so she decided to stay behind just to see what class of imbecile would ask Blue out. Afterwards, she didn't do much except watch the bar for a while and give Sheba permission to go and find Karrasaliss with Blue.

BZPB: Future[edit]

In the far future, Sandra was still Sanya's second-in-command at The Place That Wasn't There Yesterday. Sandra was sent to capture Blue, who was still causing trouble by dining and dashing, but she returned to Sanya empty-handed. As a result, Sanya had Sandra watch the bar while she went out to do it herself. Sandra gave Sanya her to-do list and warned her not to cause any interplanetary incidents while she was out.

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