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San II
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San II (pronounced Suh-on two, but prefers to be called just San) is a girl of unknown origin.



San II normally wears a long-sleeved black jacket with a hood. The jacket is waterproof, so if she was out in the rain the water would just slide right off. She also wears pants to protect her legs from any dangers close to ground. She wears a blue stone necklace which was found with her when she was five, and her black heart necklace. When she is not working to collect herbs she normally wears a brown sleeveless vest with a collared white shirt. She wears tan mid calf pants which she rolls up. She has a key on her pants no matter where she goes. This key was also found with her when she was five. It is razor sharp and can slice off a finger if need be. It also helps her cut herbs to make medicine and smashes berries to make poisons. She is mainly seen with a basket when out in the valley or a hand made over the shoulder bag. She always carries a six inch blade on her person no matter where she is for self defence.


Having lived in isolation with just one other person for most of her life, San II is very shy around new people because she does not know how to act around them. However, she started to become more outspoken and show her temper a little a year after her aunt's passing. She is incredibly good-natured, doing whatever she can to help the people around her, especially the ones she has grown comfortable with.


San II was found at the age of five by a widow. She has no memories of her life from before she was five. When she was found she was bleeding from above her left eye. Since she was brought into the widow's care, the scars around her eye have gotten worse. The widow, "Aunt Widow", was a spider-human hybrid with a taste for poisons, which is why she took San II in. "Aunt Widow" taught San II how to make lots of different potions. San II enjoyed making poisons and herbal formulas to heal and help, as well defend herself from people who tried to harm her. As she grew older "Aunt Widow" had grown ill and San II took it upon herself to find a way to help her overcome the illness. As time passed, "Aunt Widow" died, leaving San II alone in the cabin at the age of sixteen. Sometime that same year, San II got trapped in a cave while exploring, and broke both of her forearms and wrists. As a result, she had to have steel implanted to strengthen and provide support for her bones as she grew older. To this day she keeps the last item "Aunt Widow" made for her - an eyepatch with a heart in the middle, to symbolize that her blind eye and the scars were there because she was "loved".