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The Sahagin are an aquatic race, originating from the planet Sapsa. They are lead by a great sea serpent known as Leviathan.


The Sahagin evolved alongside another sapient species - a desert-dwelling race known as the Amal'jaa. The Amal'jaa enslaved the Sahagin for a great period of history, establishing an empire during this time. At some point, Leviathan destroyed the Amal'jaa, with the stragglers being hunted down by the Sahagin. As a result of this, the Sahagin are somewhat xenophobic, and do not take kindly to non-Sahagin.


The Sahagin are an expansionist, xenophobic race. They possess advance terraforming abilities, as shown when they helped rebuild Linkit. They prefer to live under the water, though they lay their eggs on the shore; as a result, the Sahagin lack a family structure, as it is impossible to determine parentage. As a result, surnames in Sahagin society serve as a description as opposed to a marker of ancestry. Sahagin children are raised by select males given the surname "Clutchfather" (ocassionaly a female will also perform this role, being given the same surname). Sahagin rarely form long-term romantic relationships.


The Sahagin are a theocracy, with Leviathan representing the highest position of power. The elected leader of the Sahagin priesthood is given the title "Whorlspeaker", meaning both "Priest" and "Governor". This is in reference to Leviathan's title, Lord of the Whorl. The head of the Council to the Whorl is known as the "Greatfather", with the current Greatfather being Voll.