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Name: Sōja
Class: Grand Leviathan
Owner: Zev Raregroove
Features: Separate inner subdimension, subspace burrowing technology, one badass organ.
Thrusters: Custom Model: Requiem Experience
Signature Weapon: ???
Creator: ???

Sōja is Zev's latest ship, revealed only recently. While its full capabilities are unknown, it has shown numerous strange and powerful devices, and can enter and exit subspace fast enough to escape Blackout's destruction of several planets and stars.

Among Sōja's stranger mechanisms is a 'front door' -- An actual wooden door complete with pewter knob that appears to allow outsiders in. What seems to be a running gag is people teleporting inside of Sōja to greet or face off against Zev, only for him to complain; "We have a front door, you know." Also, Sōja is able to burrow into and out of subspace, which is like a 'shadow' of the universe. It is able to do this so quickly that Blackout, even with his new hyperdimensional capabilities, could not track its entrance to subspace up to exiting nearby him.

A prominent feature of Sōja is Zev's organ, a massive conglomeration of pipes encircling the main hall, all coming together at the four rows of keys. Finally, it seems that Sōja can host Zev's astral projection while he is gone. Washu has revealed that the ship is actually her own creation.

Zev has stated that, regarding the Sōja's interior dimension, anyone can teleport in, but only beings of his power level or above can teleport out/within it (i.e., Blackout, Malygos, Ryoko, Washu); this is why the 'front door' was made. Also, Misaki Raregroove has recently made use of Sōja's high-tech kitchens and, apparently, is currently at the ship's ten-setting training room.


Warping Cannons: Zev has shown that the Sōja has at least twenty cannons that can be fired through portals; it has only been shown inside the ship, but it can be assumed that they also fire outside of the ship.


  • About the Sōja's training room, Zev has said that the last two settings are so difficult than even he has never beaten them.