Roodaka Shake

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Name: Roodaka Shake
Type: Toxin/Acid
Medium: Launching
Trade Status: Illegal
Production Stage: Completed

An illegal toxin, this substance supposedly got its name because it was the last thing Vortixx Roodaka created before her supposed demise. It is currently only used by a group named the Scarlet Dragon Syndicate.


The Roodaka Shake is made by purposefully agitating the venom from a mutant sub-species of Visorak. When heated, it becomes a deadly substance that violently destroys any living tissue in the body - Corrupting it until all that is left of the target is a bloody froth. Most ironically, it turns out that a Roodaka Shake disables pain receptors and causes visions of loved ones. While the target dies a gruesome death, they feel no pain, and are not forced to see themselves literally fall apart.