Richter Abend

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Richter Abend
A sword and an axe[1]
Home Reality
"The pain will only last for an instant."
Richter Abend's only spoken line of dialogue[2]

Richter Abend was a quiet but dutiful member of Malygos's inner circle.


In 150,080 CMT, Richter Abend accompanied Malygos, Tyrigosa, Hydraxis, Captain Silver, Dr. Doppler, and Emil Castlanger through a portal from Kamino 3.0 to wherever Blackout was at the time. Richter stood triumphantly alongside his allies as Malygos revealed to Blackout that he had survived the destruction of Kamino 2.0 and had since independently built a thriving Dominion comprised of people who loved him.[1]

Later, Richter and his allies were aboard the Magisters' Terrace when the ship's pilot got confused trying to navigate to BZPower's Reference Desk, instead landing the Terrace in a forum topic entitled "Dark709's Comics". The Dominion members exited the Terrace and were immediately confronted by Dark709 himself, who accused them of intruding on BZPower and prepared to fight them. Richter and Emil engaged Dark709 in combat while the other five Dominion members left to examine their surroundings. Dark709 fired a hail of energy blasts at Richter and Emil, but Richter dodged them with ease[3] and appeared behind Dark709 to execute his "Towering Inferno" attack. Richter threw down his axe and sliced through Dark709 with his sword multiple times, ending his assault by raising his sword and summoning a torrent of flames that burned through Dark709.[2] However, Dark709 survived.[4]

Richter and Emil were then arrested by Pohuaki and taken to a prison on BZPower, where they were reunited with Malygos and company.[5] At Ynot's behest,[6] Malygos used his telekinetic powers to whack Black Six with a chair, kicking off a brawl that would distract the BZPower members[4] while Xeno worked on drilling a path out of the prison.[7] Richter furthered the development of the brawl, using his sword to attack some of the BZPower members.[8]

After Blackout used the Architect's personal computer to create a huge alien fleet with which to attack his enemies, Richter, Emil, Captain Silver, and Hydraxis attempted to draw fire from the enemy ships while Malygos prepared his Rift incantation.[9] Once the incantation was completed and the entire Dominion fleet was transported to BZPower, Richter was beamed to safety aboard the Terrace along with all the other allies of Malygos and Ynot.[10]

Abilities & Powers[edit]

  • Towering Inferno: An elemental fire magic-based attack that required Richter to relinquish his axe so that he could grip his sword with both hands. The technique involved Richter striking the targeted opponent with several slashes before pausing to focus his energy into a damaging shock wave that caused an inferno of fire blasts to rain upon the target.[2]


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