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Richard Ross
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This article is about the member of the Tiger Youth. For the We'd Warrior of the same name, see Richard (We'd Warriors).

Richard Ross is a member of the Tiger Youth.


In 150,084 CMT, Richard Ross was one of the Rhadanian rebels who Sinjon Wol asked to join the Tiger Youth to overthrow Gaon Kug's corrupt regime. Sinjon asked Richard to meet up with the other rebels in the underground catacombs near the palace and to bring as many explosives as possible.[1] Richard did as Sinjon said and met up with the others with explosives at nightfall. He helped to connect their explosives together with a flammable putty and used grappling hooks to climb to the underneath of the palace, which was above them on the roof of the cavern, and attach their bombs to it.[2]

Once the bombs were detonated, Richard followed Sinjon by climbing up the debris into the bottom of the palace.[3] Inside, Sinjon instructed Richard to secure the palace entrances with Ricardo Ross and Akot Deng Kon. Richard left for the entrances[4] and was later seen helping Ricardo, Akot, and Fig Newton free prisoners of war from the palace dungeons.[5]