Rhadan (OU)

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This article is about the Original Universe planet. For the similarly-named character who is allied with Kachoo, see Radan.

Rhadan is a backwater planet that was ruled by a civilization called the Thurapi thousands of years ago. However, since their empire was demolished, Rhadan has been used as a place for megacorporations to dump unneeded technology (or just waste in general) due to its isolated status. As a result, Rhadanis tend to be mechanically inclined, and many factions aim to use these skills to claim power. It is mostly inhabited by humans, Thurapi, and a large slug-like species.


Rhadan is a mostly-desert planet with rainforests encircling the equator, and unknown environments to the poles.


  • Rhadan was created by Zev and was introduced in the BZPB spin-off RPG BZPB: Heat the Soul. However, the events of the RPG were later retconned as taking place in an alternate universe, which gave Kon the freedom to make his own Rhadan in the Original Universe. Despite this change, Rhadan is not much different, with the only real differences being the absence of magic and the continents having other names.