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Rez Vorax
A combat knife
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Rez Vorax was a Makuta member of The Enclave and a close ally of its leader, Vincente Valtieri.


Rez was a mysterious Makuta. He didn't speak - ever, but usually expressed himself through his acoustic guitar. He was a big fan of "Old World Rock" and the music of bands such as the Rolling Stones, Creedence Clearwater Revival, etc. He travelled with Takeshi, Morpheus, Francois, and Vincente Valtieri for reasons unclear - though we believe he was in it mainly for the Sodk. In combat, he relied on a combat knife which he used to carve things from wood.


In 150,081 CMT, Rez Vorax was one of several Enclave operatives (along with Takeshi, Morpheus, and Francois) who were left in a bunker on an unknown planet by Vincente Valtieri while he went to recover the body of Wing Justice. Rez walked into the room that the others were in and helped himself to a casket of Sodk. Despite Takeshi and Francois' warnings that it would harm him, Rez was unaffected by the Sodk, and burped loudly to prove it.[1]

When Vincente returned, Rez and the Ta'har left with him aboard a small black shuttle which later docked with the Prophecy. Rez and his allies proceeded to the meeting room, where Vincente told Jeremiah Peacecraft that he had come to claim the biometal intended for Naju. Vincente then pulled out his weapon, which caused everyone else in the room (including Rez) to do the same and aim at each other in a comically large Mexican standoff. The standoff was settled by the arrival of Strike Destiny, who sliced into Vincente's face as a show of force. Vincente admitted defeat and retreated to his shuttle with Rez and his Ta'har companions, which then jumped into hyperspace to avoid the Prophecy's turret fire. Rez took the opportunity to relax by going to his bedroom aboard the shuttle and playing his guitar.[2]

The Enclave shuttle soon arrived at Tiger Base. There, Vincente executed Executive Order 117, which signalled all members of the Enclave that the time had come for them to declare war on the Brotherhood of Steel.[3]

Later that day, Blackout launched an armada of Arrow N40 missiles at all ships and bases owned by the Enclave and the Brotherhood of Steel.[4] It is likely that Rez Vorax was one of the many casualties, because he has not been seen since.

Abilities & Powers[edit]

Though Rez was never seen using any of his powers, we will assume that he had access to the abilities that all the other members of his species had:

  • Absorption - Rez, like most other Makuta, could absorb other biomechanical beings to increase his size and strength.
  • Shadow Energy - Rez could create elemental shadow blasts as a means of attack, as well as shadow constructs such as Shadow Hands.
  • Kraata Creation - Rez, like most other Makuta, could create Kraata slugs of varying types, which could then be turned into Rahkshi through the use of Energized Protodermis.
  • Kraata Powers - Rez had access to the full range of Kraata powers, which granted him the abilities of increased accuracy, instant environmental adaptation, anger induction, chain lightning, camouflage, confusion induction, cyclone creation, darkness creation, density control, matter disintegration, attack dodging, elasticity, electrical field creation, fear induction, increased resistance to fire and ice, gravity manipulation, eyebeam generation, energy draining, illusion casting, insect control, temporary invulnerability, magnetism manipulation, mind reading, molecular disruption, plantlife control, plasma generation, poison generation, power scream generation, rapid healing, Rahi control, shapeshifting, object shattering, sound dampening, sleep induction, slowness induction, sonic wave generation, stasis field generation, teleportation, vacuum creation, and weather control.