Reformed Second Brotherhood of Makuta

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The Reformed Second Brotherhood of Makuta

Formation Date

625 CMT


To populate worlds with Matoran Universe species and usurp power from the main Brotherhood of Makuta




The Brotherhood of Makuta

Former Members

Starok (founder and leader),
Kakamu (SMU),
Tens of others



Home Reality

Original Universe

The Reformed Second Brotherhood of Makuta was an organization mainly populated by Makuta which was devoted to populating uninhabited worlds with Rahi and members of the Matoran species. It was badly devastated during the Uterio War, but a few survived and attempted to rebuild their organization from their base underneath the surface of Stelta-Stal. However, their location was revealed to the main Brotherhood of Makuta by a traitor, and the last remnants of the organization were destroyed.


In 625 CMT, a Makuta named Starok who worked under Teridax became dissatisfied with the Brotherhood's way of operating. Whether this was because he was disgusted at the exile of Caiaphus or the slaughter of the Vrai is unknown, but he managed to convince a handful of Makuta to leave the Matoran Universe with him. Once they had escaped, they arrived on Stelta-Stal and began setting up their organization there.

Before the war that all-but obliterated their organization, the Second Reformed Brotherhood of Makuta had around 256 bases on 3 planets (Tybion II, Stelta-Stal, and Linkit). Its main headquarters lied in the asteroid fields which orbited a low-population planet called Fareste. All bases were well equipped with labs, weapon systems, shuttles and communications systems that could out-do some of the highest-quality spaceship systems.

The main headquarters were some variety of military genius, with weapons and drone ships enough for a large fleet. It had advanced labs and warp-pods, devices capable of firing Rahi to far-out planets at great speed allowing for quicker population.

In its later days, the organization had started to abandon the tradition of building bases, instead preferring to build new "Mobile-Bases", giant space-faring ships capable of serving all of the functions of a normal base. There were three of these in service: The Arank, the Orlank and the Japhak. They were destroyed during the war, with the crew aboard being slaughtered in the crossfire.


Membership was free, however the TrsBoM did not accept any members with a criminal record.

The TrsBoM was led by a single leader, who would appoint one or more deputies and a military advisor. The military advisor would be on the same power level as a deputy, if not slightly higher. The military advisor advised the leader on military topics. Each deputy could appoint three members to serve as his party, who would advise him. After that, the leader would have appointed a senate, consisting of five or more senior members, and specialist members who administrated things like admissions. After that, the remaining senior members were grouped into a Secondary Senate. The Secondary Senate had no more additional powers other than having the ear of the Leader. After that, the remaining members were grouped into: Warriors, Workers, Scientists, Engineers and Other. There were also honorary members; not official members, but people who were rewarded for their services to TrsBoM.

Post-Uterio War[edit]

During the war TrsBoM attempted to profit from the chaos by genetically modifying animals, turning them into living weapons. They also attempted to craft weapons out of protosteel to sell, but as their resources were dwindling and their inventions were highly sought-after, they found themselves under attack by both Rebels and Great Beings alike. Despite numerous attempts to save his organization, Starok was eventually forced to admit defeat and hide out in one of his bases deep under the crust of Stelta-Stal. There he remained with a select few of his warriors, all of which entered a hibernation-like state, until the war was over.

Starok remained asleep past the end of the war, and was only awakened by a telepathic call from Ferox, who had remembered Starok as an ally in the early days of the Brotherhood, forgetting his betrayal completely. When Starok awoke, he telepathically searched the cosmos for the minds of his fellow TrsBoM members, but found only the ones in hibernation on Stelta-Stal. Enraged, he awoke them with a telepathic scream, and commanded them to start recruiting. They were going to recruit Ferox and bring him back to Stelta-Stal, but Xintrix got to him first so Starok suggested that they track down Caiaphus. They eventually found and recruited him on Malchior IV, then went to the abandoned TrSBoM mining facility on Fareste to clean it out. Later, Starok detected the presence of new Makuta in the universe, which had been brought there by Vultraz on the Mata Nui II. The group went there, fetched Vultraz and the two new antidermis clouds, brought them back to Fareste and made armour for them. The two new Makuta identified themselves as Kivalon and Xikila, and were somewhat insane. While spying on Blackout's Brotherhood on Ailyb-Gypte, Kivalon revealed to Caiaphus that he was actually from another universe, and had fled to this one to escape the wrath of his brother. He also said that his brother had followed him there, so the two went to Vassilan to find him. Instead, they found Shattered Mirror Kakamu, who was in the process of pillaging a DSI facility. They fought briefly, but Kivalon realized that SMK was not his brother so the three went back to Stelta-Stal to regroup with the others. Caiaphus suggested that they attack the world of Neo Z'Traa and eliminate the Vrai living there before Blackout's Brotherhood could, and Starok agreed so they started building an army of Rahkshi. However, Kulnak, having been captured by Blackout's Brotherhood of Makuta, revealed the location of the last remaining TrSBoM base under Stelta-Stal. The TrSBoM were ambushed by Blackout's forces and a mighty battle ensued, which resulted in the TrSBoM's army being destroyed and the organization's collapse.

Current Status[edit]



  • A version of Kartouche from a previous Tybion worked for the Reformed Second Brotherhood of Makuta as a scientist before being killed during the war.