Rebel Alliance

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The Rebel Alliance was a group formed by Klak, D-Klak, Ynot, Blackout, Zev Raregroove, Kakamu, and several others with the main goal of fighting the invading armies of Uterio di Armechio and the Great Beings, and bringing back peace and order throughout the galaxy.

At first, the alliance comprised of the above mentioned characters and their allies, and the Malchiorian Protectorate (all the planets of the Malchiorian System). Later on, other nation-states, individuals, and planetary governments joined this fight against the dark armies of the Generalissimo.

After months of fighting, the Rebel Armies emerged victorious on Mordor.



  • Their name is taken from the Rebel Alliance from Star Wars.
  • This is one of the largest alliances ever in BZPB history.