Rain Wolf Dante

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Rain Wolf Dante
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Dante the Rain Wolf, aka Lupo di Pioggia, is the Box Animal residing in Shroom's Rain Buckle.



Taking the form of a pale silver-blue wolf, Dante has azure blue eyes and powerful Rain Flames surrounding his paws and tail.


Dante seems fairly polite and considerate, but Zev Raregroove has said that he is also arrogant. He seems to accept Shroom as his master for the moment.

Rain Buckle[edit]

The Rain Buckle consists of a silver "main buckle," in addition to a metallic blue-green plate atop that which supports a blue crystal carved into the shape of a wolf's head. Made by Zev, it is currently in the possession of Shroom.

Abilities & Powers[edit]

Among other possible abilities, Dante is able to launch Rain Flame Shockwaves by howling.

Cambio Forma[edit]

Known as Asari Ugetsu's Katana, Dante's Cambio Forma consists of a simple, but flawless katana wrapped in Rain Flames.


  • Dante has mentioned a being named "Vergil" who apparently plays a part in his Cambio Forma. It is unknown what exactly Vergil is as a being, but it can be assumed that he is, like Dante, a Box Animal of the Rain Attribute.