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Rahksha was the right hand man of Uterio di Armechio, and his personal bodyguard. His efficiency in combat allowed him to serve as a commander in many battles.


Pre-Uterio War[edit]

Rahksha's origins are relatively unknown. However, it is believed that he may be of the same planet as Rahn, or a different world entirely. All that is known is that he joined the Knights of the Great Beings, and rose to a relatively high rank before being hand-picked by Uterio di Armechio himself to be the Generalissimo's personal bodyguard.

Uterio would eventually trust Rahksha enough to reveal his ultimate plan to overthrow the Great Beings and restore the empire of his people. Rahksha swore to follow Uterio to his death; an oath that would cost him plenty.

Rahksha first appeared alongside Uterio and Tulio as the Generalissimo threatened D-Klak. After plenty of things happened, he fought our heroes and trained Praepositus. However, it was not until the Uterio War was officially declared that he began to engage Klak and his friends fully.

Battle of Krustallos[edit]

Rahksha led the ground forces in the Battle of Krustallos. He killed many Malchiorians, but was blinded by Nova Klak. Rahksha went into a period of recovery, but found himself commanding soldiers behind the scenes.

Battle of Corrantia[edit]

In the Battle of Corrantia, Rahksha revealed that he developed a sight beyond sight: he could sense other's attacks, and 'see through the Force'. The major fought Klak and nearly beat him, despite the former's blindness. Rahksha later reported the victory to Angonce. When Uterio revealed his true intentions to Angonce, the major simply nodded, and watched the newly resuscitated Generalissimo continue commanding his war machine.

Battle of Mordor[edit]

Rahksha commanded more forces on Mordor. After mowing through many Rebel troops, he found himself dueling with Klak. Both characters viciously attacked each other, and injured each other. However, when they both fell from their aerial battle, Rahksha was impaled on his lance. He expressed his regret over the actions of his past, and died.

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