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This article is about the ally of Kachoo. For the similarly-named planet, see Rhadan.

Radan is a character who accompanied Leda and Kachoo to the Conquistadores Guildhouse on Hei Fon 4. Virtually nothing is known about her.


Radan, Leda, and Kachoo emerged from an alley next to the Conquistadores Guildhouse on Hei Fon 4 and walked up to the house to meet Zev. Zev recognized Kachoo immediately, and invited her and her group in. Later, Radan and Leda chose to sit outside on the porch instead, so Mirajane Strauss brought them some lemonade, which they seemed to enjoy.

They were seemingly forgotten about by everyone when loads of other characters showed up at the Guildhouse, including Toph Bei Fong, who tried to have Kachoo arrested. When Blair revealed herself to Kachoo, the two of them went off to a restaurant, seemingly leaving Radan and Leda behind.


  • While she did appear in the RPG, Radan was never mentioned by name; only ever being referred to as the "silver-haired girl".
  • Zev claimed that it had been ages since he had seen Kachoo and her "gang". It is unknown whether or not Radan was part of this gang at the time because she didn't acknowledge Zev at all when they met in the present.
  • Radan, Leda, and Kachoo originate from the self-published fantasy comic The Demon Mages, created by Jason Robinson AKA Crybringer.