Racist Poison Rabbit Entity Cat

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Racist Poison Rabbit Entity Cat
Racist Poison Rabbit Entity Cat
Home Reality

The Racist Poison Rabbit Entity Cat is the obscene result of a Rahi experiment that has allied itself with Moonman.


The Racist Poison Rabbit Entity Cat was one of several that were created by Makuta Kordak through experiments done on Rahi.[1] In time, it came to ally itself with Moonman.

In 150,084 CMT, the RPREC was in Moonman's headquarters when the man himself was watching a news report about Kong's death at the hands of Boltman. Moonman motioned for the RPREC to hand him a bottle of beer, then asked the RPREC what he thought about the incident. The RPREC responded by proclaiming its utter hatred for humanity, and coughed a hairball onto Moonman's carpet to prove how sickened it was. Moonman ordered the RPREC to clean up its mess, so it did so and left the room. The RPREC returned in time to hear Moonman mutter "Boltman, you son of a bitch", which prompted the RPREC to ask Moonman what he was talking about. Moonman told the RPREC to inform his agent that his next music album would have to wait, because he and the RPREC had "more important work to do".[2]


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