Rabot (OU)

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Toa of Sonics
Matoran Universe

Original form:

  • Sonic Vibration Clubs

Current form:

  • Hypersonic Spinner Blades
  • Shoulder-mounted laser cutter
In stasis in the UG
Home Reality

Rabot is a Toa of Sonics and the leader of the Toa Yerta.


Early Life[edit]

Rabot was originally a member of the Order of Mata Nui who worked with Kakamu when he was a Toa. One of these missions was to track down and interrogate Makuta Grahmah. Rabot was lured into Tren Krom's cave while following her and turned insane, though he was cured some time later by Artakha. Many years after the incident, he formed a Toa team, the Toa Yerta, and went to fight in the Toa-Skakdi War instigated by Blackout and Malygos. There he briefly encountered Mocax, who he fought. Rabot defeated him and took him as a prisoner of war, although Mocax later escaped.

Shortly before the destruction of the Matoran Universe, Rabot was summoned by Artakha to his island to speak with him. Rabot told the rest of his team to stay put on Odina, but when he didn't return, they acquired an experimental teleportation device from a sect of Nynrah Ghosts who were evacuating the multiverse. They teleported out and landed on a nearby planet.

Meanwhile, Rabot met with Artakha, who gave him an important mission to fulfil. Artakha sent Rabot on this mission by putting him into a coma and an air bubble, teleporting him outside the Mata Nui robot. He floated above the sky of Aqua Magna until the robot exploded, the blast of which sent the air bubble flying into deep space.

After Mata Nui[edit]

Millennia later, he was in his bubble still floating until he was found by Ta'harok. During this time spent floating the memories of his meeting with Artakha had been buried deep within his subconsciousness. Recognizing him as a relic of an ancient civilization, Ta'harok offered to drop Rabot off at a nearby planet, which he accepted. On this random planet, he became aware that he had to find his old Toa team, who he had a hunch were still alive. He spent a while moping about on this planet, until he used his sonic powers to send out a distress call which was answered by the TSS Bouncy-Ball. Oct, the captain of the ship, arrived to beam him up and they helped him locate his team. After he was reunited with them, he thanked the crew and the Yerta went around doing typical Toa stuff like defeating evil and protecting civilizations.

Shortly after the team was reunited they encountered an old tyrant from their universe, Koranis, who they teamed up to defeat and seal in a Toa Seal. After handing him over to the Galactic Government, they were told to fly to the Icy Planet to investigate rumours that the Great Beings were invading the multiverse. On the planet, they fought the Great Being Serecio and were beaten, then dropped into energized protodermis when his ship crashed from orbit and were transformed into more powerful versions of themselves. Toa Ignika II did not survive the transformation and Komerak accidentally triggered a Nova Blast, which catapulted him across the landscape and separated him from the team. Despite these losses, Rabot courageously led his team against the armies of the Great Beings in the cataclysmic Battle of Mordor a few weeks later. They emerged victorious with the other rebel forces, and decided to stay on the planet, making it their new home.

Two years after the war, Rabot and the other three Toa Yerta were ambushed by DU Monarch and placed in the UG for an unknown reason.

Abilities & Powers[edit]

Elemental Powers[edit]

  • Sound Creation - Rabot can create a wide range of sounds using his mouth, from multi-accented speech to incredibly realistic sound effects. In battle, he uses his Toa Tools to create intense soundwaves to repel enemies.
  • Sound Control - Rabot has complete control over sound, and can manipulate it by raising, lowering or muting pitch and volume.
  • Sound Absorption - Rabot can completely silence an area by absorbing sound into his body, which becomes stored for use in future elemental attacks.
  • Sonic Nova Blast - If he had to, Rabot could release all of his elemental energy in the form of a sonic nova blast, which would be a sonic explosion large enough to devastate an area the size of a large city.

Mask Powers[edit]

  • Enhanced Stealth - When Rabot's Kanohi Volitak is activated, his movements are silenced and his body becomes invisible to all but the most observant. However, he will still cast a shadow.