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Formal Name
Quolas Saloque
The White-Robed Being
Unknown (Formerly)
A sword
Home Reality

Quolas, who was known as the "White-Robed Being" for most of his life, is a Time Guardian and a founding member of the Claws of the Phoenix.



Of his body, only Quolas's face and arms have been seen so far. He is human-like, except his skin is a pale blue, and is decorated with archaic, indecipherable white runes. It also has a texture similar to patchwork, and white "seams" can be seen connecting parts of his skin together. He is dressed in distinctive all-white robes, which are wrapped around his torso with brown leather straps. His robes extend to the back of his feet, giving the appearance of a long cloak trailing behind him. Whenever he uses his ice powers, they do not seem to originate from his fingers, but rather from under his skin, so his arms can be covered in frost for a while after using them. His eyes are yellow with black pupils.




Early Life[edit]

"I saw it, Quolas. I saw your sun go supernova and batter your world with the flames of hell, and you... you stood above."
Tokimi to Quolas, The Mazkertis Paradox Chapter 10: The Secret Within

Most of Quolas's early life is shrouded in mystery and known to only a few outside the Sha'lythe and Kra'lythe sects. Tokimi of the Chousin seems to be one of these few, as evidenced by the cryptic quote above. It is known that Quolas originally served Eclipse, but joined TBS' ranks instead a few hundred years ago. As a result, all darkness was driven from his body, and he was given the power of glaciation to compensate. His first action as a Sha'lythe was to hunt down and fight with Genetoes. The two warriors fought in space for several days, but found that they were evenly matched. Despite this, they continued fighting until they were forcibly separated.

Uterio War[edit]

At some point prior to the Uterio War, Quolas came to Serecio, and leant him his Orb of Summoning as a token of allegiance. Quolas decided to ally with him because, as he does not experience time like normal beings, he was already aware that the Uterio War was a fixed point in time which would contain the Great Being's death, and so had to occur. Pleased with this gift, Serecio requested that, in the event of his death, Quolas should take his place on the Council of Great Beings. The Time Guardian accepted.

At the end of the Battle of Mordor, Serecio was killed by TPK, who then took control of the Council. Quolas gave the Caged Addict some pills as a reward for fighting bravely in the conflict, and then attended the meeting called by TPK. During the meeting, at which he was disgusted with, he shouted an objection that got TPK annoyed and him beamed to Tatooine, where he met Seran Dol-Abi and Boris Johnson. During his brief time there, he teamed up with the strangers to fight off the Dead Mind, and repaired Seran's ship as a thank you. Quolas was dropped off at the nearest space station, Atuar Sadiares, by the Jedi.

Disappearance of the Sha'lythe[edit]

Quolas lived on Atuar Sadiares as one of the homeless for a short time, after which he got bored and attempted to re-establish contact with his masters. However, they had been taken out of time and space by an unknown being for an unknown purpose, so Quolas panicked and travelled to Vizima to ask Axalara for her assistance in the matter. She instructed him to contact Klak on Malchior IV. As he was about to leave, TPK and Coro, another Great Being, turned a corner and spotted him. Recognizing the former as the one who banished him to Tatooine, a planet hot enough to nullify his powers, he berated the Great Being and informed him of his mission. After TPK said that he had no knowledge of the Living Stars' whereabouts, Quolas decided to believe him, and left for Malchior IV. However, the residual temporal energy created when the Time Guardian left affected Coro somehow, causing him to have a vision of the future.

Upon arriving on Malchior IV, Quolas was approached by a child, who said that he looked weird. Quolas demonstrated his "weirdness" further by hitting a hydrant with an ice blast. However, once the child revealed that his name was TTT, TMV's cousin, Quolas experienced visions of TMV's family, and claimed that TTT should have been erased from time. He stayed with TTT in an attempt to figure out how his existence was possible, but his study yielded no results and he chose to leave him to find Klak, without alerting his fellow Time Guardians of the boy's survival. He returned to the Forest of Lights to meditate, and then returned to Malchior IV to see if he had missed anything. He hadn't, so he went to Nauru, Earth to consult with another group of Time Guardians about Klak's whereabouts. Concurrently, the mage known as Malygos had used the magical leylines of the multiverse to grant himself supreme power, and the Time Guardians agreed that this ascension was too early. Quolas said that he would follow a leyline to Malygos's location to stop him, and left.

Meeting Klak[edit]

Quolas soon found himself on the planet Ulduar, standing next to Klak. The two agreed to talk later as they were faced with Loken, a giant iron golem who was about to crush them both. He fought Loken with Tezzeret and Bob, but found his ice powers to be ineffective. Choosing a different strategy, he instead decided to open a large spacial tear behind Loken, which the others teamed up to push the golem into. Once the battle was won he explained his situation to Klak, and the Makuta of Light decided to assist him. Before he could do so however, Klak received a telepathic summons from Ynot, who requested that they team up against Malygos. Quolas opened another spacial tear leading to Ynot's ship, the Cabana Prime, and accompanied Klak through the tear with Bob in tow. There he met Kakamu in person for the first time, and tended to Etende once Seran Dol-Abi dropped her off. The others questioned who she was, but Quolas reassured them by saying that she was meant to be there. They remained on the ship while Ynot and his crew discussed battle strategies to combat Malygos's forces, but before they could take action, they felt the leylines return to normal. This worried Quolas even more, as he knew that Malygos would indeed claim great power, but he was not supposed to fall so quickly. This led the Time Guardian to believe that events were being manipulated by a malicious, unknown force. He briefly discussed with Sasuken the ramifications of altering time, but decided that in his case, there would be none because his people had already observed and allowed Ynot to alter time to save Klak's life.

Shortly afterwards, Ynot received word that Aeon was under attack, so he ordered everyone off his ship. Quolas bid them farewell and opened a spacial tear to Kakamu's location on Lotcas, because he and Klak had left early to look for Kakamu's "old allies". Bob and Etende followed him through the tear and were introduced to said allies: Micros and Masaharu.

Abilities & Powers[edit]

  • Spatial Slicing - Using his sword, Quolas can create a portal to another location in time and space by "tearing" reality. He can also use it to seal tears created by himself and others.
  • Communal Telepathy - Quolas can telepathically communicate with any other Time Guardian or Living Star across space and time. However, he cannot use this to locate them.
  • Temporal Awareness - Quolas can instantly detect any attempts made to alter the time stream, no matter when or where these attempts take place.
  • Temporal Revision - Quolas has the power to create future alternate timelines by manipulating events in the past. He, like all Time Guardians, is forbidden from doing so without approval from several Living Stars. However, he did make a minor change in the timeline once by cutting off one of Ben Linus' toes in the past, thus changing the future by causing him to have four toes on his right foot instead of five like the previous time he saw him.
  • Ice Generation - One of Quolas' favoured attacks is blasting ice energy via his sword. He has shown to be able to create ice without his sword, but in much smaller quantities.


  • "Enra henli pe twekka fe" - Said to activate his staff. Translation: "Take us into the fire"