Quick Billy

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Quick Billy was a mysterious cowboy from a planet that seemed to be stuck in the Wild West. He was first seen speaking to Mistgun about someone named Jedediah Stormen, a demonic cowboy that was messing with Billy's land. Quick Billy was secretly part of Jedediah and Keichi's secret plan to kidnap Klak for the Apprentices of Caiaphus. Once Jedediah was defeated, Quick Billy abandoned everyone, and Keichi kidnapped Klak. The Battle of Conquistadores v. Apprentices of Caiaphus happened. He then met Sephiroth, and they hung out for a while.

Once Sephiroth left to his world, Quick Billy had decided to tend his land for a bit, then travel around the galaxy. Fate brought him to a pub on a space station, where our heroes where fighting in a tournament. It was here that he met a version of Treveya from the Shattered Mirror Universe. They ran into Keichi, who was escaping with his crew to cash in on the new war. The three villains had decided to make an alliance. Once more, the mysterious cowboy would work with the swear-filled Pirate Lord.

Quick Billy help Keichi find Treskis. He attacked Muta, Trantoshen, Vorahk-Kah and Yon with Keichi on the Icy Planet. He was stunned. However, before he could be defeated, he escaped with his comrades.

The rest of the Pirate Lords convened above Liquid Metallicon, and reunited. They also made an alliance with Uterio, go figure. Suddenly, a wild group of good guys appeared, and started a fight. Quick Billy was too drunk to do much, and was rescued by SM Treveya before Xeno burned the bar to the ground....in space.

Quick Billy was knocked out for most of the battle, but next thing he knew, the ship that he and his comrades (SM Treveya, Treskis, Keichi, and their crew) were on was speeding across hyperspace while being chased by an insane Makuta.

He crashed with them on Tatooine, and helped them form a plan to bring back Caiaphus. Quick Billy was rather keen on allowing him to return, seeing as Caiaphus was the whole reason he and Jedediah Stormen were hired by Keichi to kidnap Klak in the first place. Quick Billy worked with the villains in all of their escapades, but none of these included insulting Books LLC.


Quick Billy participated in Ragnarok as a part of the HYDRA army. He was slain by Jortenn during the conflict.