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A dagger[1]
Home Reality

Qantus was a dark green-colored Agori member of the Forgotten Tribe and one of Le Chiffre's servants.


In 100,080 CMT, Qantus worked under Le Chiffre's command.[1] He encountered Tratus, a Fire Tribe Agori who was in the process of trading for armor with Berix, and teleported him to Roxtus with an alien teleportation device.[2]

Qantus then disappeared for a while. It is unknown what happened to him next, but he escaped being mutated and drafted into Le Chiffre's army of Bara Magna natives. If he was still on Bara Magna later that year when Blackout teleported a large quantity of unstable hadrium into its core,[3] he was killed, but was resurrected when the planet was recreated by Yon and the Architect in 150,080 CMT.[4]

Qantus resurfaced in 150,081 CMT, the early days of the Uterio War, over 50,000 years since his last known appearance. He appeared at a Great Beings-owned camp and declared that he had a message for the "true ruler" of the Great Beings' armies,[5] so Rahksha took him to Uterio. Uterio initially told Qantus that the message should be delivered to Angonce to maintain the illusion that Angonce was in control, but he could not resist reading it himself.[6] Uterio was infuriated by the message, which was a threat from Blackout and the ZFT, so he stabbed Qantus, threw him out of the building, and had his troops quarter him via chariots.[7]


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