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Councilman Pygmy was the representative of Amakna in the Council of the Wise.


Pygmy was a large, robed, owl-like creature with sandy beige and burgundy-colored feathers, and two long plumes above his eyes. His voice sounded tired and elderly, and the sound "hoo" was interspersed throughout his speech.[1]


In 150,082 CMT, Pygmy and the other members of the Council of the Wise were informed that four beings from the World of Twelve had travelled through Incarnam with most of their abilities and memories intact (a rare thing for incarnates) and that each of them would be relocated to one of the four nations that connected to Astrub. Pygmy read up on the life and death of the being who would be sent to his nation of Amakna: an Ecaflip named Sarasim who worked as a card dealer at the Last Rites Casino and Saloon before she sacrificed her life to push a child out of the way of an oncoming vehicle.[1]

When Sarasim appeared next to Pygmy in an Amaknan council building and regained consciousness, Pygmy broke the news to her that she had been killed, but added that the good deeds she had committed in her life had allowed her to pass through Incarnam and descend to the World of Twelve, where her life could begin anew. As Pygmy explained that Sarasim would be settled into Amakna, he handed her an Amaknan passport and added that she would need to take it to his superior, Owlboss, in the center of Astrub so that he could officiate it. Finally, Pygmy recommended an inn past the end of Amaknastrub Road that Sarasim could rest in and warned her about the occasional presence of impish plants, stressing that she should kill them if she encountered them. Once Sarasim had taken in all this information, she thanked Pygmy and left.[1]


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