Prominence Powers

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Prominence Powers are martial arts techniques which rely on the creation and usage of Prominence Energy. As such, all techniques which do this are considered to belong to the same school.

Prominence Energy[edit]

This energy is generated by Prominence techniques and used to inflict damage. It is blue in color, and once out of the user's body converts to a liquid form after a few seconds. It is extremely unstable.

It is currently unknown if this energy can be generated by non-humans. If so, this would completely prevent other races from using the Prominence Powers.


  • Jikan seishoku ryūki o (Time-weaving Prominence)

The first technique used by Gabriel Ascheron. He begins by slowing himself down so that his actions appear to be in slow motion. Prominence energy appears from his fingertips as he builds up enough of it for his attack. Then, he moves at incredible speed wherein his individual actions are impossible to view. He encircles his target, stabbing from all directions with twin finger-blades made of Prominence energy. Correctly executed, this attack hits over two-hundred times.

Known Users[edit]