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"Tell me... what do you remember?"
The subject of this article appeared in posts or stories that were lost in the Great Dataclysm or subsequent archive deletions.
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The Prat-kar is a Void Ship - a ship designed to travel through the Void. Technically it's not supposed to exist, yet what we see here proves the opposite.

As a Void Ship, it possesses a few useful features; its hull is very strong (it needs to be, to stand the immense anti-pressure of the Void), and it is very hard to teleport into.


During the Makuta Civil War, the crew of the Prat-kar boarded the Makuta Space Station and disrupted Sasuken's disguise, revealing him as an imposter.

Everything else known about the ship, its crew, and its role in the story, was lost in the Great Dataclysm.