Praepositus (OU)

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Praepositus is a human commander who is an expert at army command. He has only had skirmishes with Daedra armies and is still unfamiliar with most things. His human army was finally wiped out after his first battle, in which he was officially at war, against the Daedra.

He keeps on him at all times an old well crafted, leaf shaped, sword. It has no special properties but he has kept it for many years. Mainly he fights with a Daedra spear looted from attacks. He wears scaled armour and a heavy Greek style helmet.

After entering oblivion, Praepositus has developed certain qualities such as immunity to burning and weak poisons. His appearance has also changed he is now a shade of red, covered by Celtic war paint but red none the less.

Praepositus has a love of loyalty and honour, both are things that he would die for without a second thought.

After escaping the battle, Praepositus fled to an inn. The inn had in fact been a Daedra trap and did and does not technically exist. Fortunately, Praepositus was recruited into Uterio's fleet before any damage was done. With promises of power and revenge, Praepositus agreed to go to war with him against Wayland.

During the attack, Praepositus named his sword Uredinum, meaning 'burning sting' due to its burning properties given by TBS.

During the war against Wayland, Praepositus notives TBS with yet another companion. Eager to show his loyalty Praepositus sees it his duty and highest obligation to find this character and to recruit him for Uterio's command.

Uterio granted Praepositus permission to find TBS. So Rahksha and Praepositus fly to Oblivion, where Praepositus had first been found by Uterio and TBS. During the flight Praepositus notices his growing desire to find the mysterious 'Keruvim'. A thought implanted by Uterio.

Once at Oblivion, Praepositus called out to TBS hoping to find him, his companion and any information on the Keruvim. Although, it was not TBS who came but a loyal vassal of his named Vrentus. With their two conflicting opinions on honour, the two did not get along. Vrentus destroyed Oblivion and teleported Rahksha and Praepositus to Darkmount/Blackout. Rahksha soon explained who was a friend and who wasn't. Praepositus ended up fighting Klak.