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"The Wheeler"
Conpiom Guard
Home Reality

Praepediti was an Agori native to Conpiom, and a member of the Conpiom Guard. He died after contracting an illness of some sort in Oblivion.


Praepediti hoped to be chosen as the hero to be sent to a faraway planet to explore. He was chosen as the best candidate along with one other: a Chenyromas named Fortius. To decide the victor, the two were ordered to fight to the death in an arena. At midnight on the day of the fight, the two entered the arena and waited for the signal to commence. When it came, Praepediti activated the Wheeler, revving it up as Fortius lunged at him. He waited until Fortius was as close as he could safely get, and brought down the Wheeler like a hammer on his opponent's head. This caused Fortius to be heavily disorientated, as the vibration caused by the weapon scrambled his echolocation senses. Taking the opportunity, Praepediti extended a hidden sword from his boot and jumped up, decapitating Fortius.

Hailed as the victor, Praepediti was shot out of the matter cannon at a nearby planet - except it went wrong, and he ended up in Oblivion next to a violent Daedra, Yon, and Kakamu, all of whom had ended up there as a result of teleportation accidents. As Kakamu was a Turaga covered in Borg technology at this time, he asked for help instead of fighting, though this didn't stop Praepediti from immediately taking on Yon in combat. Before he could activate the Wheeler, the Terugan sideswiped it and shot at the Agori. The battle was interrupted by the arrival of an army of Daedra on the horizon, which Praepediti decided to hop on the Wheeler and travel towards.

He survived the battle, and managed to hide away somewhere. However, Praepediti's immune system was not prepared for the trip to an alien environment, and he soon contracted a disease and died.


Praepediti's signature weapon was a strange item called "The Wheeler". It resembled a backwards swivel chair made of stone, and had strange markings on one side. Praepediti was able to use it as transportation thanks to its functioning wheels, and as a blunt object to beat people with. He also had a sword hidden in his boot that could be extended outwards.