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Poe is the first character to ascend from character to User. She was created by MakutaYnot to help in the Battle of the BZP Staff HQ to lead clones of various BZPB characters to Black Six's location and destroy him. Well, the destroying didn't happen, but knocking him unconscious did. After which, as per agreement, MY released her from his control, and took her powers away. She wasn't happy about that, and took off with the Ynot and Blackout clones, vowing revenge.


Poe has been described as a human girl with long red hair done up in a pony tail, dressed a black turtleneck sweater, black baggy jeans, and black combat boots. Her eyes are crystal blue, and her complexion, where visible, is ghost white. Prior to MY stripping her of her powers, she had a thin purple outline.

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