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A plot device is a device that appears to solve a seemingly impossible problem, and solves it within seconds while it would've taken entire pages to solve it without the plot device. Possible uses include: reversing time, killing seemingly invincible characters by magically introducing a weak spot, saving an important character from death, or as an explanation for a giant, gaping plothole.

Plot devices are much more predictable than plotholes, as they will generally appear whenever an unsolvable problem is presented, or when a plothole needs filling.

How plot devices are made is unknown, but it is suspected that The Architect is somewhat responsible. However, seeing as The Architect is a shining example of a deus ex machina, the origin of plot devices remains unknown.

And let us hope that it stays that way.

Known plot devices[edit]

  • The Vahi Cube was used as a plot device when BZP lost six months' worth of posts.
  • A Makuta Space Station was equipped with a plot device that was specifically designed to prevent the destruction of the station.
  • Kranxx owns a portal gun that "randomly" teleports him to places of significance, especially where other people are fighting or congregating at the time.


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