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The Pit
Two unidentified beings swimming through the Pit.
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The Pit was an underwater prison in the Matoran Universe that housed some of its most dangerous criminals.


The Pit was established early in the history of the Matoran Universe by the Order of Mata Nui, who kept its location hidden from outsiders.[1]

In 30,075 CMT, Zev Raregroove placed Malygos in the Pit as punishment for having committed an unknown crime against the nobles of the world.[2]

In 33,075 CMT, Blackout accessed the Order of Mata Nui's database and discovered the location of the Pit and the existence of the Users. In response to this knowledge, he formulated a plan and began recruiting minions for it.[2]

In 33,105 CMT, Blackout gathered a group of Rahkshi and led an attack on the Pit, in which he killed the jailer and escaped with several prisoners, including Malygos,[2] who then swore loyalty to him.[3] The Order of Mata Nui assigned Sequar to investigate the attack on the Pit[4] and assigned Hydraxon to replace the Pit jailer who was killed in the attack.[5]

In 33,110 CMT, Sequar discovered that Blackout was responsible for the attack on the Pit, so he attempted to inform his superiors, but Blackout killed him before he could.[2][4]

In 100,080 CMT, Blackout brainwashed most of the Matoran and commanded them to dismantle much of the Matoran Universe and use its materials to build Darkmount. Some locations, such as Metru Nui, were left intact but barren while others were dismantled completely, so it is unknown how affected the Pit was by the construction project, if at all.


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