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Orpheus (brother)
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Phobos is a cloth golem formed by shadow magic, and the "brother" of Orpheus as they share the same creators.


Phobos is a "creeperpuppet". He is missing one eye and his mouth is stitched shut. He has long tentacles emerging from his arms and legs, which "whisp" angrily when he is in defence mode. He also has a photographic memory.


Phobos, along with his brother, was first seen on the lush planet that Ferret had temporarily left them on. In Ferret's absence, Orpheus had been setting up a system for the planet's residents to live by and continued to organize their way of life. Phobos grew jealous of Orpheus's accomplishments and attacked him, as he considered Orpheus competition and would kill him if it was convenient. This was prevented by the timely return of Ferret, K'theenya and Osseron in the Drunken Ferret. Ferret herself kicked Phobos away and threatened to set him on fire unless he played nice with his brother. She demanded to know why he attacked him, but Phobos would only reply "Order... will stop...". Phobos's gaze turned to Osseron's axe, and the puppet withdrew his claws with an uneasy expression. Osseron proceeded to scan him to find out how he worked, but all he could gather from the data was that it was by some sort of magic. Ferret said to Phobos that he could accompany them on their journey as long as he did not attack anyone without proper provocation, and the puppet silently agreed.


  • Phobos also appeared in a series of Skype RPs between SageOfMagic and Ferret-X and a dA RP group called Hell Academy.