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Peacock was a deranged cyborg girl who Double hired to attack Dekan.


In 150,084 CMT, Peacock's spaceship descended over the village of Dok on Dekan as Peacock talked to Double inside the ship's shooting range. Double offered Peacock a handsome reward to attack Dekan because such an attack would distract people from her presence and the machinations of the Trinity. Peacock eagerly accepted Double's offer and rallied her crew to attack the planet below while Double teleported away.[1]

While Peacock's ship approached the surface of Dok, Caster arrived in the area and flew up to the ship to investigate it.[2] Peacock noticed Caster and had her ship halt its descent so that she could get a better look at the witch by using a large cartoonish telescope. After chittering "I see London, I see France!", Peacock ascended to an upper deck to make herself level with Caster and fired three Bullet Bills at her.[3] In response, Caster opened a rift in front of her that swallowed the Bullet Bills at no harm to herself. Caster scorned Peacock because her first reaction to seeing someone had been to attack them, but decided to indulge Peacock's love of violence by opening another rift and sending Peacock's own Bullet Bills flying back at her.[4] However, before the bullets could reach their target, one or more Users hid a time bubble generator in the foliage below that froze both combatants in a time bubble.[5]

Peacock and Caster were both freed from the time bubble when Boltman arrived in Dok and destroyed the time bubble generator, allowing their battle to continue. Both women fired their attacks at each other, but Caster's blast of energy was less accurate than Peacock's magic-infused bullet, which tore straight through Caster's head, killing her instantly. Peacock then trained her revolver on Boltman and the YONBOTS and asked them to identify themselves, but Boltman replied with an expletive, so Peacock called Double to see what she thought of Boltman. While Double frowned at Boltman, the Yellow Fellow asked Peacock to surrender her weapons. Peacock responded by challenging Boltman to a one-on-one duel, with the victor claiming the other's weapons, but Boltman decided to take another option: he shot a lightning bolt at Peacock's head, killing her.[6]

Peacock's murder prompted Double to transform into her "monster" form and attack Boltman and the YONBOTS, but she too was overwhelmed and killed.[6] With both threats to Dekan eliminated, the We'd Warriors emerged from the foliage and thanked Boltman for his help, though Wal Wal was sure to state that the We'd Warriors could have killed Peacock and Double on their own. Boltman returned the thanks and left Dekan with the YONBOTS.[7]


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