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Classification: Shop of Oddities

Xún Má, Shopkeeper; possibly others

Wares: Anything one could desire of the bizarre and taboo
Miscellaneous: Perfumed scent

Oscura is a shop in one of Fanrong's large cities, managed at least in part by a man named Xún Má, and counts Noodle as one of its regulars.

Dealing in the difficult to find and the strange to behold, this little shop of rare oddities is rather popular amongst particular small circles of individuals.

Initially, Oscura was introduced as Noodle's first location to appear at following her being rescued through time by Aradia Megido and apparent years of growing up.

Business Practice[edit]

Though not much is known on how the shop does business, it is known that they allow just about anyone to come in to sell whatever they find worth parting with for a quick buck. This is seen where Noodle was allowed to sell the skull of a fetal, cycloptic Boarcupine without any sort of licensing or registration. As well, it has now been shown that the shop encourages negotiation and haggling.


In the storyline, the only member of Oscura's staff introduced thus far is their primary shopkeeper: a man named Xún Má. Tall and of features resembling a Chinese descent, his messy black hair is kept tied back in a ponytail with a long, lavender ribbon in a bow. He also wears a black suit over a dark green undershirt decorated in spirals, a mint green tie, and a number of odd rings on his fingers; such as a gold one with wrought jaws adorning it. Very friendly and benign despite the nature of his shop's wares, he's also quite easy to excite by strange objects being offered to buy for his shop.


  • "Oscura" is roughly the feminine form of oscuro, or "dark" in Spanish; this is the intended name origin.
  • The shopkeeper Xún Má's name means "nettle" in Chinese, as opposed to his bright, friendly disposition.
  • As mentioned, Oscura is kept perfumed; likely to mask the odor that could arise from how many preserved body parts are kept on display for purchase.