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Orvik is a frail and miserable Onu-Matoran and the chief engineer of the upper levels of the Mata Nui II.


Orvik lived on the Southern Continent of the Matoran Universe in his early life. One day, he was injured and sent to Karzahni to be repaired, but came out of the procedure weaker and frailer than he was before.

When Blackout brainwashed a large amount of Matoran and ordered them to deconstruct the Mata Nui robot, Orvik was one of the many who were unaffected. He, along with many others like him, were summoned to the island of Artakha by its eponymous ruler and subsequently teleported onto a nearby planet. Orvik and the others later came to colonize Impel Down, which was renamed "Mata Nui II" in honor of the fallen Great Spirit.

In 150,084 CMT, Orvik eavesdropped on a conversation between Solek and Micros when several members of the Claws of the Phoenix arrived on the Mata Nui II with the Toa Nuva in tow. In said conversation, Micros mentioned that he and Masaharu had been there before, prompting Solek to ask Orvik if he had any records of their visit. However, Orvik was in the middle of something else, so he just grumbled "not right now".


Orvik carries a toolbox around with him and has a weapon called a "Claw Catcher" mounted on his back, which can catch and hurl back elemental energy fired at him. He usually uses it to absorb excess current while making repairs on the station.