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Ordak is an unlucky Makuta and a member of The Reformed Second Brotherhood of Makuta. He was one of the few TrsBoM members to survive the Uterio War, along with Starok and Kulnak.


Pre-Uterio War[edit]

Before the war, Ordak worked for the TrSBoM as a scientist specializing in bioengineering. He experimented on various Matoran, including Kuli and Vultraz. As a result of his experiments, Kuli became the first Wo-Matoran and Vultraz was left with a dormant ability to create living antidermis. Kuli responded positively to the experiment and signed up to the TrSBoM as an employee, becoming Ordak's official lab assistant. The successful transformation of Kuli into a Wo-Matoran is what encouraged Ordak to try a similar experiment on himself shortly after - as a result, he gained the power of wormhole creation.

During the Uterio War, fighting spread close to the location of Ordak's lab, so he used the scream of a Klakk to turn Vultraz back into a Ta-Matoran, then deposited him on the Mata Nui II for safekeeping. Afterwards, he took Kuli and travelled to Stelta-Stal to report on the growing conflict. Sensing the imminent destruction of the TrSBoM, Starok put Ordak and his assistant into stasis there along with another Makuta present, Kulnak.

Post-Uterio War[edit]

After the war, Starok was accidentally woken from his hibernation by a telepathic call from Ferox, who in turn woke Ordak, Kulnak and Kuli. Ordak sensed along with the others that they were the last surviving members of the TrSBoM. Starok suggested that they find and ally themselves with Caiaphus, as he was one of the only other Makuta who shared his ideals. After Ordak located him as being on a freighter on Malchior IV, he opened a wormhole there which the group travelled through. After negotiations Caiaphus agreed to ally with them, and Ordak took them to a Makuta armour construction facility on Fareste. Shortly after a new set of Makuta armour was created for Caiaphus, Starok sensed a new Makuta presence in the multiverse, and Ordak entered his mind to confirm this. He was indeed correct, and Ordak suspected that the creation of the new Makuta was related to his experiments on Vultraz a few years prior. His suspicions were confirmed when he took the group to the Mata Nui II through another wormhole and found the Matoran meditating in front of the new antidermis cloud. Upon spotting the Makuta, other Matoran raised the alarm, and several transformed into Toa to combat the threat. Ordak assisted the others in killing the Toa, and he created a wormhole back to Fareste which they escaped with Vultraz through. However, they were immediately attacked by a large cloud of Parasitic Fluff which had been manifesting on the roof of the facility, but they managed to destroy it with the help of Caiaphus. Kuli and Vultraz were both killed by the cloud, but the two new Makuta he created survived, and named themselves Kivalon and Xikila.

Caiaphus then suggested that they travel to Ailyb-Gypte to gather intelligence on the Brotherhood of Makuta led by Blackout, and also to possibly form an alliance with the Osirians. Camouflaged against the sand, Ordak and Kulnak stood guard while Starok discussed an allegiance with Ra, but Ordak was powerless to stop Kulnak being knocked out and dragged away when he was detected by Ferox. Later, when TPK arrived on the planet, he saw through Ordak's disguise and destroyed most of his armour. Despite this injury, Ordak managed to create a wormhole back to Fareste with what was left of his armour, and escape through it in his antidermis form. When Starok returned to Fareste, Ordak greeted him in the skeleton of a dead alien worker. Ordak was made a new set of armour by Starok, and together they used a pool of energized protodermis to start making an army of Rahkshi to invade Neo Z'Traa.

Abilities & Powers[edit]

  • Absorption - Ordak, like most other Makuta, can absorb other biomechanical beings to increase his size and strength.
  • Shadow Energy - Ordak can create elemental shadow blasts as a means of attack, as well as shadow constructs such as Shadow Hands.
  • Kraata Creation - Ordak, like most other Makuta, can create Kraata slugs of varying types, which can then be turned into Rahkshi through the use of Energized Protodermis.
  • Kraata Powers - Ordak has access to the full range of Kraata powers, enabling him to have increased accuracy, adapt instantly to new environments, induce anger, fire chain lightning, camouflage himself, induce confusion, create cyclones, create darkness, control the density of his body, disintegrate matter, dodge incoming attacks, elasticity, create an electrical field, induce fear, increased resistance to fire and ice, manipulate gravity, fire powerful eyebeams, drain the energy of victims, cast illusions, control insects, have limited invulnerability, manipulate magnetism, read minds, disrupt molecules, control plantlife, fire plasma, create poison, unleash a power scream, heal rapidly, control Rahi, shapeshift, shatter objects, mute sound, induce sleep and slowness, blast sonics, create stasis fields, teleport, create vacuums, and control the weather.


  • Ordak is sometimes called "Famagimi" by Kulnak. The reason for this is unknown.
  • Ordak's name, his affiliation with wormholes, and the TrSBoM itself were all created by JS. However, as Ordak never appeared in the RPG in person, Kon decided to introduce him properly himself to complete the unfinished plot of the TrSBoM.