Orb of Summoning

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The Orb of Summoning was a glowing crystalline sphere owned by Quolas and kept inside one of his secret fortresses. When held by someone in need of aid, the Orb selected a random number of people with similar goals as the wielder to teleport to them.

Serecio gained ownership of the Orb briefly during the Battle of Mordor. When he activated it to bring him a selection of elite warriors he could use in the battle in addition to his army, it brought him The Guy Who Was Engulfed In Milk, Kranxx, Kremika, the Caged Addict, the Savant and Iron Man. The Orb appeared to have no limits, as the Orb "summoned" Kremika from only across the battlefield, while the Savant was taken from his own time, around a hundred thousand years ago.

When Serecio was slain by TPK at the end of the war, Quolas regained ownership of the Orb, and used it to return the Savant back to his own time. The others said they would like to stick around as it was better than where they were previously, so Quolas left them be. He then placed it back in the fortress where it belonged.

A couple years later, the time-unravelling actions of Mazkertis was brought to Quolas' attention, so he, with the Claws of the Phoenix, attempted to use the Orb to summon an army to attack him. However, before it had finished powering up, Mazkertis knocked it out of Quolas' hands and it was shattered.