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Odina was the secret island headquarters of the Dark Hunters in the Matoran Universe.


The Great Beings created Odina as one of the many islands of the Matoran Universe. At some point, it was discovered by the Shadowed One, who chose to create the Dark Hunters organization there.

Voporak returned to the Dark Hunters' compound on Odina just after he had stolen the Kanohi Vahi for Blackout. A Makuta under Blackout's command, Kakamu, followed Voporak to Odina because he thought that Voporak had stolen the Vahi for the Shadowed One instead (Kakamu was unaware of Blackout's deal with Voporak).[1] Upon arriving on Odina, Kakamu was attacked by Airwatcher, who melted Kakamu's Kordaz Sabersword with a blast of acid.[2] Because Airwatcher's acid attacks were the most lethal that Kakamu had ever seen, Kakamu killed him in self-defence, using his magnetic powers to propel him off the island and in the general direction of Destral.[3] Kakamu then moved past Airwatcher's outpost and attempted to go further into Odina, but stopped when Blackout contacted Kakamu and told him to stop chasing Voporak, because Voporak had been hired to steal the Vahi for him.[1]

In 100,080 CMT, the Toa Yerta travelled to Odina for some reason. Rabot was suddenly summoned by Artakha to his island in the middle of this mission, so Rabot instructed the rest of his team to remain on Odina until he returned. The Yerta decided that they had no choice but to leave Rabot behind when Blackout brainwashed thousands into dismantling the world around them, so they left Odina to seek a means of escaping the Matoran Universe.[4]

It is currently unknown whether Odina was one of the islands that were dismantled to build Darkmount.


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