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Angeloid Beta
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Nymph, AKA Angeloid Beta, is an Electronic/Magic Warfare Combat-Purpose Angeloid.


Nymph appears to be a small teenage girl, with dark red hair in long pigtails, bright blue eyes and mechanical elf-like ears. She normally wears a kneelength pink dress, a dark red leather vest with a high collar, and dark red boots that go halfway up her shins. While hacking, her eyes glow a bright green. She is incredibly intelligent and adores snacks, sweets, candies and pretty much junk food in general.


Nymph, Ikaros and Gamma appeared to defend The Norman's home planet against Caiaphus.

Abilities & Powers[edit]

Nymph has the ability to remotely 'hack' into just about anything -- Computers, magic artifacts, robots, the minds of others, the growth of plants... This allows her to then alter their characteristics, such as causing someone to lose their ability to swim or other skills, boosting their intelligence, enhancing magical artifacts, or causing plants to grow wildly out of control. However, powerful enough magical objects are out of her scope of control, and beings with shielded minds, protected computers, certain types of robots and some kinds of plants are also outside of her abilities. Also, she cannot use her hacking to enhance her own abilities. She also happens to be a supergenius of an extremely high caliber, and has an incredibly powerful radar and a nearly-perfect cloaking device at her disposal.

  • Supersonic Electro Blaster - With a scream, sends out a wave of energy pulses shaped like elongated hexagons at the enemy. Can also be used as a way to disable regular machines en masse.
  • Shadow Cloak - Hides Nymph from view, dampens any sounds that she makes unless she wants to be heard, and masks her scent... a nearly-perfect disguise.


  • Nymph spends a lot of time watching T.V., mostly soap operas and anime.
  • When Nymph is introduced to a new thing, the first question she usually asks about it is: "Is it tasty?"

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