Nyatera (OU)

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Chief Supervisor Drone Programs Inc.
Ceremonial spear
Energy retraction gun
Home Reality

Nyatera is a Vassila, an amphibious species originating from the planet Vassilan. After being caught up in a war between two Dark Universe clans, she was teleported to Chocoman's base, where she presumably remains.


At the age of 8, Nyatera achieved a degree in drone mechanics, which was extremely unusual for a Vassila of her age. She left education when she was 14 and was offered a job with Drone Programs Inc. soon afterwards. She worked her way up to the position of Chief Supervisor in 4 years. When she was 24, Nyatera encountered Blackout when looking for lost drones. She mistook Blackout for a new type of drone, and was thrown into a tree and blasted with lightning. Although injured and in shock, she survived this, and was taken back to base by a real drone to be attended to.

Sometime after this, Dukamu randomly appeared on Vassilan near Drone Programs Inc. He noticed the facility at the bottom of the cliff he was standing on, so he slid down it, intending to cause havoc. As he was picked up on nearby sensors, Nyatera and a few drones were dispatched to investigate the situation as he was a species unknown to them. Before she could get to him though, DU Le Chiffre arrived to assassinate him. The two warriors met, and fought for a while, until DUK escaped by teleporting elsewhere. DULC took out a device that could follow him by tracking his teleportation signature, but he was captured by Nyatera and her drones before he could activate it. Nyatera took DULC back to Drone Programs Inc. for investigation and locked him in a cell. He was freed shortly after by the arrival of DU Ultron and DU John Sheppard, who had been tracking HIS teleportation signature. Alarms were sounded and Nyatera ran down to their location to apprehend them all, but she was caught in their teleportation somehow and ended up going with them to Cluster One. DU Shockwave grabbed her and threw her in a cell, where she stayed until User Kon teleported her to a strange island. There, she met Chocoman, and boarded his base, where she may have gotten a bit lost, as she hasn't been seen again.

Alternate Universes[edit]