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Name: v-13, aka Nu
Weapon: Murakumo Unit, Azure Grimoire
Abilities: Uncategorized
Affiliation: Great Beings
Likes: Food, quiet
Dislikes: Gum, loud noises

Nu was a mysterious being who appeared quite some time ago to attack Naju. She appears quite powerful as she was able to go toe-to-toe with a Great Being, even if he was severely weakened at the time. She says that her duty is to punish beings who try to disturb the natural order, as well as Great Beings who misuse their powers.


Nu hasn't shown the full extent of her powers. However, her powers seem incredibly potent.

Time Travel: Nu has said that she can use time travel to go to any point in the past or future. However, she can only go to the past or future of the exact place she's at.

Universal Travel: Nu has stated that she can teleport to anywhere in the current universe or any adjacent universes.

Azure Grimoire[edit]

The Azure Grimoire is the strange locklike device over Nu's right eye. It contains enough power to injure Naju, who, even though he was severely weakened at the time, is still a Great Being.