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In stasis in the UG
Home Reality

Nohex is an elementally ambiguous Toa.


Nohex is 100% chilled at all times. His armour is the strange combination of bright yellow and blue, and he wears a macabre mask unlike any other. The top part resembles an oversized pair of black sunglasses, attached to the rest of the face, which bears a large, toothy grin.


Most of Nohex's history is unknown at present. However, it is known that he was inside the Mata Nui Robot at the time of its destruction, but did not try to escape because he couldn't find a heck to give. In addition, the usually kind and endearing Artakha chose not to teleport him out because he was a "useless sack of s##t". Because of these reasons, he died and was teleported up to the Red Star to be revived.

Eventually, the Toa team consisting of Arkhite, Ikhet and Vyrrh arrived on the Red Star to rescue Kakamu and the Matoran from their Kestoran overlords. We don't know what happened next, but Nohex ended up leaving the station with them in an escape pod because he couldn't find a reason not to get in, and because Vyrrh wanted to "keep an eye on him". The escape pod crashed on Malchior IV minutes after Kakamu arrived there in Muta.