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No Image Guy
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Digital drawing of No Image Guy by his creator
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"No Image Guy", nicknamed "Nigel" by Yon, is the name given to a shapeshifting AI. Nigel was a resident of the Stouttish Islands before being recruited into the Dong Squad.


Due to the fact that he has no knowledge of who he truly is or what he was created for, No Image Guy sometimes feels lacking in purpose. Since joining the Dong Squad, this feeling has subsided somewhat, but he still finds himself feeling depressed if he goes too long without feeling appreciated. He is fairly shy and reserved, preferring to spend most of his free time learning about the universe via the internet.

Despite his humility, No Image Guy is a highly valued member of the Dong Squad thanks to his ability to possess machinery, phase through walls and fly undetected, all of which are powers exclusive to him on the team. He has been critical to the success of several missions, such as when he used his power of technological possession to manipulate a ZFT officer into killing Vok, and when he used the same power to take control of the engines of the TSS Jet-Ball II, saving Yon's life and the lives of twenty Terugans in the process. Yon has nicknamed him "Nigel", due to it being a lot shorter than his given name, though No Image Guy himself is not sure how to feel about this. If he survives his time with the Dong Squad, and collects all the items Lord Zrintch wants him to, he plans to continue the search for his true identity by seeking out the fabled User World, hoping that the bizarre technology it contains might somehow be related to his creation.


Early Life[edit]

No Image Guy's existence is a mystery to everyone including him. He does not remember how or why he was created, only that he was. He quickly found work among the galactic community posing as a model for stock photos, and lent his likeness to the "default user" images of social media websites. Feeling isolated due to his unique nature, he began to feel depressed, and spent much of his early life inside the internet, looking for information relating to him. One day, he stumbled upon an analysis of a force called the "HahaJ'UsT-Seying" force, which was found in certain individuals that could seemingly defy the laws of physics, much like himself. He discovered that a large number of these people lived on the Stouttish Islands, so he moved there immediately.

Back when Yon was preparing to open his fast food restaurant (McYonalds) on one of the islands (Seeland), No Image Guy applied for a job there. His application was successful and he became a regular employee along with the Shell-Shocked Cat. According to himself, No Image Guy was previously employed as a male model, working for social networking websites. Apparently his likeness was used for profiles of people without pictures, and that's how he got his name.

One day after the restaurant closed for the night, No Image Guy sat down with a newspaper and some tea, but was interrupted by the sudden appearance of One-Punch Man. He kindly informed the newcomer that McYonalds was closed, but One-Punch Man ignored him and ran forward to embed his fist in his face. Surprisingly, that's exactly what happened, and No Image Guy removed OPM's fist before jumping in the air and bicycle-kicking him into a wall. OPM admitted defeat and asked No Image Guy who he was. He responded by opening his suit to reveal a shirt with a question mark on it, and introduced himself in a superhero-esque fashion before being slapped by The Hand.

When morning came, Pumkin entered the restaurant with BONES and his little green alien men in tow. He demanded soldiers to form a crack team of joke characters to save the multiverse - the Dong Squad. No Image Guy was present, and decided to join their initiative along with the others. Meanwhile, Yon was placed on the other side of the island by User Kon, and the newly-formed Dong Squad went to meet their leader. They boarded the ship immediately after and flew straight to Teruga Prime to start their first mission.

Dong Squad[edit]

When the ship was hovering over the ammonia sea above Ipomal, Teruga Prime's underground capital city, No Image Guy turned into a virus and infected the hangar bay room controls to force the doors open. Next, he took over one of the matter creator machines on board to create material for Pumkin to eat. Pumkin quickly grew in size after eating the newly-created food and the Dong Squad climbed into him, including No Image Guy when he had turned back into his physical form. Inside Pumkin, the squad dropped into the sea. A few minutes passed and they washed up in a cave entrance to the city. No Image Guy grabbed the Hand and threw it over the bank after flying across himself in virus form.

The Dong Squad proceeded through the city to Ipomal Prison, which is where Yon thought Vok would probably be. When they got there, No Image Guy hacked the prison's security systems and found the Terugan president in one of the recreation rooms. Before he exited the system and returned to his physical form, he opened all the doors to Vok's location and deactivated the alarms and elevators.

Abilities and Powers[edit]

  • Digital Embodiment - No Image Guy has the ability to transform into a flying computer virus at will, seemingly breaking the laws of physics. In this form he gains access to technopathic abilities.
  • Technological Possession - Due to his virus-like nature, No Image Guy can take control of a variety of mechanical appliances while in his virus form, from toasters to computers.
  • Intangibility - Much like any other signal or transmission, No Image Guy can pass through most forms of solid matter with ease while in his virus form.
  • Density Control - No Image Guy has complete control over the density of his body. When fighting One-Punch Man, he decreased the density of his face to allow his opponent's fist to pass through while remaining unharmed.