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Home Reality

Nirtis was a black-colored Agori in the Forgotten Tribe and one of Le Chiffre's servants.


In 100,080 CMT, Nirtis watched Silver-Silver battle three Vorox in an arena match on Bara Magna and found his ability to fight them off easily rather interesting.[1]

Nirtis's eventual fate is unknown. It is possible that he was mutated by Le Chiffre and added to his army, which was later taken aboard Darkmount and probably eradicated when Le Chiffre betrayed Blackout. If Nirtis was still on Bara Magna when Blackout teleported a large quantity of unstable hadrium into its core,[2] he was killed, but was resurrected when the planet was recreated by Yon and the Architect in 150,080 CMT.[3]


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