Night of Fire

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Night of Fire
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Night of Fire
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The Night of Fire is a starship commanded by Space Pirate Captain Eurobeat.



The Night of Fire was first introduced as a ship under the command of Captain Eurobeat. It has approximately 60 crewmembers, and is 380m long, 190m wide, and 80m high. The following description is given:

"The ship resembles a WWII-style naval battle-cruiser, with the addition of a large thruster array at the rear, as well as a mass-accelerator cannon running through the length of the hull. Guns are mounted not just on her deck but on the sides of the hull, and positioned on the sides, but in line with the bridge tower, are two coffin-shaped compartments, pointing outwards. These give the ship a "wingspan" equivalent to half its length, and the four large hatches present on the fore and rear of both of them suggest they are the ship's hangars. A large, circular ring of metal runs around the ship, connected to it at either side at the tips of these hangars; this ring was the ship's FTL propulsion system. The entire ship was painted a dark red, and featured the Initial D logo emblazoned on either side of the hull, for sponsorship, and because it was awesome"


  • ASC-R-3 Heavy Particle Cannon (x24)

The standard weapon for ship-to-ship combat, these are usually mounted in turrets consisting of three cannons each; two on either side of the hull, two on the forward of the hull, one behind the bridge, and two underneath. There are three cannons mounted in individual turrets; two of these are on the far edges of the hangar bays, on either side of the ship, and the last is mounted directly underneath the Mass Accelerator Cannon.

  • AA-37 Railgun CIWS (x86)

Automated rotary cannons used to intercept incoming fighters and missiles.

  • BFG-14 Mass Accelerator Cannon (x1)

The heaviest kinetic weapon the ship possesses, which is primarily used to attack slow-moving, heavily-armored targets.

  • N77 Missile Pods (x20)

General-usage missile pods which can be outfitted with either high-explosive or armor piercing heat-seeking munitions.

  • X2 Nuclear Weapon (x2)

The most powerful weapon the ship possesses, these are two mid-yield missiles which can be launched from the underside of the ship.

Other Features[edit]

  • 𝜈-NRG Drive

The 𝜈-NRG or v-NRG (Pronounced New Energy) Drive is the Night of Fire's main powerplant. Unlike larger engines, it is constantly generating energy, but without the need to either warm up or cool-down. However, this comes at the cost of severely limiting its output, making it unusable on larger ships. It is perfect for the Night of Fire, however, due to its small size. In addition, the ship doesn't need to be pushed to 100 percent to achieve maximum fuel efficiency - in fact, it works much better if it is running in the 90s.

Known Crewmembers[edit]

  • Space Pirate Captain Eurobeat
  • Lieutenant Leslie Parrish
  • Lieutenant Dave Rodgers
  • Lieutenant Derrick Simmons
  • Lieutenant Lou Grant
  • Lieutenant jg. Nick Mansell
  • Lieutenant jg. Dave Simon
  • Lieutenant jg. De Leo
  • Lietuenant jg. Nick Turbo
  • Ensign Franz Tornado
  • Ensign Jeff Driller
  • Ensign Maddy Lane
  • Ensign Frank Casino
  • Ensign Kara Mell
  • Ensign Michelle Rose
  • Ensign Candy Taylor
  • Ensign Mad Max
  • Ensign Susan Bell
  • Ensign Kevin Johnson
  • Ensign Maria Bell
  • Doctor Love