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New London
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New London, also known as London, is a city on Earth.


Boris Johnson held the position of Mayor of London until he proposed a law that would ban TPK's troops from using the city as a safehouse, which angered TPK enough to banish Johnson to Tatooine.[1]

In 150,082 CMT, Hungry-man found himself in New London after one of his deaths led to him becoming a host for Skelly Bones!. Masquerading as a normal homeless person, Hungry-man grabbed an excessive amount of chicken from a food van and devoured it at an inhumanly rapid rate in front of several other homeless people, horrifying them.[2] He finished the chicken, but it was still not enough to sate him or Skelly Bones!.[3]

Meanwhile, Boris Johnson looked for a shuttle route from Atuar Sadiares to New London[4] while London simultaneously reflected on his absence.[5]

"I see London, I see France" was part of a nursery rhyme known across the universe. Peacock quoted this while attacking Caster in 150,084 CMT.[6]