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This article is about the lord of darkness and hate. For Blackout's old ship, see Nemesis (ship).
Nemesis's new appearance
Lord of Darkness and Hate
A scythe
Home Reality

Nemesis is a being of unknown origin, who is cursed with being permanently invisible. This forces him to wear a cloak at all times to remain slightly visible, but also gives him an advantage in rock-paper-scissors.



In Nemesis's first appearance, he suddenly appeared during a random battle and announced that he was the lord of darkness and hate. He summoned a hundred skeletons with armour and weapons, and gave them the power to control darkness. These skeletons were quickly defeated, and Nemesis retreated to parts unknown.

Many years after the battle, he was summoned by Space Pirate Captain Eurobeat on Saskana to fight Mazkertis for the fate of the universe. This time, he wore a mask and armor as well as his usual cloak, giving him a more definable appearance. He also carried a large scythe.

BZPB: Future[edit]

In the far future, Nemesis joined F-Klak's crusade, and was placed under Mirage's command along with Barnax, Evelin, and Catalyx. The team settled on Teruga Prime, and bought a bar to maintain their cover. It received extraordinarily few customers, but since F-Klak's organisation didn't need the money anyway, none of them minded, especially since it gave them an excuse to drink a lot. When Mirage was asked by the Speaker of the Terugan Parliament, Tox, to blow up a government building to provide the government with an excuse to attack other planets, he met with his team to plan. Nemesis was uncharacteristically helpful, and came up with a spell that disguised the team as alien tourists.

After the terrorist attack, the team left the planet to meet their master. Nemesis contributed an Obama joke to the debate, and then played rock-paper-scissors with Barnax.

Abilities & Powers[edit]

  • Invisibility - Nemesis is cursed with being permanently invisible. He wears a cloak, mask and armor when he wants people to see him.
  • Skeleton Summoning - Does what it says on the can. The largest number of skeletons he has been seen summoning at once is a hundred.
  • Shadow Infusion - The last time Nemesis summoned skeletons, he infused them with shadow energy, giving them control over the element.