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Nathrezim ships
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Nathrezim ships were spacefaring vessels used by the Nathrezim. They were equipped with dark energy blasters.


In 100,080 CMT, Malygos contacted the Nathrezim and ordered them to destroy Blackout's blockade of Brotherhood of Makuta warships around Bara Magna.[citation needed] The Nathrezim responded by deploying a squadron of Nathrezim ships to Bara Magna, which then opened fire on the blockade. Unfortunately, Darkmount arrived moments later and instantly obliterated seven ships in the opening barrage.[1][2] The Nathrezim were not mentioned again, so it is safe to assume that their forces were completely eradicated from the battle.


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  2. Darkmount (revision on 16:43, Feb 10, 2012): "[Darkmount] suddenly arrived in orbit of Bara Magna and destroyed seven Nathrezim ships within the opening barrage."